Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bears on Patrol when cops meet bears!

There are some things in life that just capture your heart and it sticks with you forever. And for me one of those things is seeing my father who is a cop through and through have a cute furry little teddy bear sitting next to him in his patrol car. Nope it wasn't a cute gimmick or something somone gave him along his journey of almost 30 years as a cop. He actually had a whole bag of bears of stuffed animals in his trunk. My father who has been shot at and dealt with some of them deadly people saw little kids suffering. Kids that were innocent even though they were put in very dangerous and scary situations. These little bears,big or small cute or ugly were given to the kids. They provided a physical reminder that hope and love are still around them. This simple bear maybe the first thing they were given or maybe the only thing they have after a fire has burned down their house. But it was given to them out of love knowing that no matter what they are a kid and as kids we need something to hold on to, talk to, and could be the only friend they have. Yep a simple bear made from stuffing,plastic eyes material and thread but turns into so many things when given to a child that may not have anything.

I was on a new site on facebook The Doodlkins Cartoon Family and saw one of their charities they support is Bears on Patrol or BOP's and this group does the same thing my dad did they give bears to police departments and firedepartments for them to give a Bear of Hope to children when they need it most. I really feel moved by this because I have seen the love in my dad's eyes knowing that his simple bears could help a child so much. So please if you get a chance go to this site or to their facebook page. Donate a few dollars or let people know that this is a way to give back to kids when they need a kind PAW the most!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aunt Flo is visiting!!

I remember when I was around 10 or so my mom said "one day you will be a woman" then handed me a christian book on how a man and a woman after they are married have kids. Then put a HUGE box of pads into the closet (really the box had 3 pads in it diapers are smaller then those things were) and went on with life. Ummm Hello the book never said that I would start developing things that the boys love and hurts your back trying to hold up with a rubber band. Nothing about that now your body will hold onto every fat cell to create a "curvy" woman figure. It didn't come with black pants that were about 5 sizes bigger to accomodate the pads, not show any "accidents" or the 10pds of "water" weight you put on. And I know for a fact it said nothing about the fact that this will go on for 40 years until one day you start sweating like you stuck your head in the oven, and everyone in the world hides from you incase you attack. I know if I saw this I would have given the book back to my mom said take it all out now I will just babysit other peoples kids!

I know your thinking ok but why are you complaining now you have only done this for about 23 years you have a few more to go. Because I realized that my husband is a turkey 3 weeks out of the month! And it is MY fault. Or more like the "gift" I was given as a woman. My husband comes up to me tonight and gives me a hug after I yell at him for something stupid that I have yelled at him a hundred times before and says "it is ok, did you have a bad day, you seem kind of edgy so I tried to stay out of your way"???? And those will be the words printed on his tombstone! I look at him and say " ok I know I am going to "start" in the next month or so but that has nothing to do with you not taking the trash out,not feeding the dogs, or cleaning the dead fish out of the tank!" !! (the people and situations are all fictional in this story the fish is sleeping) I feel guilty, obviously I would not be upset if my hormones were not going up and down like a rollercoaster that obviously my whole family is stuck on riding and I have proof because every picture I take of them has them screaming with their hands in the air!

CRAP what was the point of this story? Oh yeah becoming a woman should not be shown in cartoon people holding hands walking with with woodland creatures surrounding them. But with a man holding his hands up saying that he only does things wrong once a month and he still loves us as he rolls his eyes. Make sure you tell your daughters the whole truth every scary detail using the rollarcoaster scared family as examples. Then put in the closet a tub of frosting, salty chips and stretchy shorts and a "do not disturb till people stop making me mad" sign and know you are the best mom in the whole world! Now who took my CAKE?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What smells?

You ever drive in your car and decide it is finally a nice day out so you roll your windows down. Then it hits you not a car or suicidal bird but a smell? The smell of fresh cut grass and all of a sudden you are not driving down a busy street during rush hour but in a field of fresh cut hay and staring at the clouds completely at peace. Smells, good smells, bad smells can take you back in time or to a favorite holiday.

I recently went to a Scentsy party which I love now. As I looked at the hundred or so containers with strange names and grouped in categories. I kept thinking these are not just perfumes mixed in wax. But memories or dreams of people captured to bring you peacefulness or energy and even romance. I watched people pick up the containers smell and say they love it or hate it. Every time I picked one up and smelled it I felt like I was traveling to an exotic island or to my grandmothers kitchen and they evoked a feeling in me.

Every time I smell fresh cut grass I remember driving in Wisconsin and they were cutting the hay down. Huge rolls of hay bound by string and miles of green waves waiting to be cut. I feel peaceful and a sense of hope. Or cinnamon and nutmeg bring me back to cooking for Christmas or Thanksgiving. The excitement of family and friends,Christmas tree's and presents. And even though I grew up in Florida and it was never cold I still could imagine sitting around a fireplace with apple cider in your hands warming them up feeling content and full of life.

I know that an island isn't going to smell like coconuts and pineapples. In my head every time I smell them I am sitting on a beach watching the waves come in and go out as I relax in the sun. And every bakery smells like yeast and the dough rising. With hints of cinnamon and sugar bring you comfort like your grandmother hugging you.

I wish for the day that we can pull up on our computers a smell guide. Just like with music you hear from the past and you remember being a little girl with poofy bangs dancing to "Walk like an Eygptian". We could pull up a scent and remember walking through a rose garden on your very first mothers day. But for now I will enjoy waxes and candles that will take me on adventure or help me relax from a long day. Next time you smell something good remember how it feels and where it takes you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What I want to be when I grow up

When I was a kid I remember being asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?". Oh and I had answers from being a cop (like my dad),scientist either working with bugs or koala's. Through out my childhood it did change a little in highschool I wanted to write plays or act even writing books intriqued me. I was told by many teachers that I had a gift for science and a few even tried to help me career wise with that.

But never once did I dream lying in bed at night that I would be a mom! Being married to Doogie Howser and Ponch from Chips I needed to be sexy and enticing and full of mystery. Not frumpy,clothes with stains,unshaved and having hair different colors (gray, blonde and brown,wait greasy isn't a color right?). As a teenager I didn't dare go out of the house without makeup and I actually tried to look cute in my clothes I did things with my hair instead of up in a pony tail or in a clip. Where did those dreams turn into a nightmare?

Ok so Doogie turned out to be gay and Ponch was a little older then me and married. There had to be guys that were sexy in a skin tight uniform and rich and nerdy. When did sexy turn into underwear with no holes,clean socks and hair brushed? And honestly I doubt I have any unholy underwear,they were blessed by the Pope and I really hope I don't get into a car accident! My clothes hmmm I think I have things from the 80's that have finally come back into style except the stirup leggings are so tight they look like pantyhose. I am that mom without a bra on in baggy clothes running to the car to get the kids to school and hoping that I don't get pulled over (especially by Ponch) because I would get arrested for trying to carrying a concealed weapon when really I was just trying to hold my breasts up with my arms. My kids would be in therapy because the other kids would see me but luckly the strip search would be quick and I might actually get a shower! Wait do they let kids visit you in prison? Nevermind they don't DVR my shows.

I could be used in highschool as the perfect birth control device. I could walk in the classroom and look at all the girls and say "look at me this is what kids do to you!". And the guys that is even easier "this is what your woman will look like after kids while eating a tub of frosting while we pms". Do you want to have sex NOW?

I am really not saying being a mom,a wife,maid,cook and throw up catcher is a horrible life. Okay maybe I am a little but it could be worse we could be a species that eats their kids if they are bad. Man a kid wouldn't live past terrible two's then. But when we were asked what we wanted to be this was not my dream. I do hope when people ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up she says she wants to be loving,giving,laughing and hard working. Because my heart,soul and dreams live through my kids and you can only get that from being a mom. Dreams always do come true they may just take a detour until the time is right!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When good woman become Mom's

I recently started watching a movie called Motherhood with Uma Thurman and even though I didn't get a chance to finish it (my husband didn't understand) it was amazing how woman change after becoming a mom. I have always thought that maybe it was "just in this area" or because the mom groups "had perfect moms". But it is everywhere! Every mom is trying to prove how much better of a mom they are and how their kids are lucky to have them.

Can any Mom win in this game of competition? It is like we are in a football game.

On the Offense:
Organic only food mom with food made from kind farmers.
Gentle discipline mom where you discuss why the world isn't fair to the kids.
Name brand mom my kids will wear the best even if they grow out of it in 2 days.
House sterile mom where germs are not welcome and you will be lysoled before you can come in.
No kids live in this house mom where you go over there and everything is layed out perfectly in white rooms with white couches and candy in a dish.

On the Defense:
At least it is food mom where we hope that the mac and cheese counts as a dairy .
So over it mom where their kids were driving them nuts and finally yelled at them they can't talk till they are married!
Walmart mom where we know they grow out of them so fast we buy neutral colors so they can pass them down to their brothers or sisters in the same month.
Not sure what is growing in here mom where our house might be germ infested but suprisingly no one is ever sick.
My kids rule my house mom where from the moment you step in the house you trip over a toy and then gently try not to crush the cheerio's into the carpet and wonder if they make a bigger toilet because boys can't aim.

The ball is the baby and the audience is all the parents that have never had kids yelling out what things you should do even though they have no idea. The refs are our husbands pointing out every mistake but not fixing it. And the owners are our parents sitting in the VIP box and laughing the whole way because they saw it all coming!!

The score is 0-0 because no one wins. We try so hard to do everything that we think is right or as much as we can manage but the kids always win and if we were smart we would form a big team together supporting each other and learning from each other. I know I am not perfect I don't remember when I took a shower or made a meal that didn't come out of a box but I love my kids just as much as those mom's that seem to have it all together. Being a mom is not easy and your always wondering if what your doing is right but it is so much harder when your afraid to ask anyone or say anything because you know that a mom is judging you and pointing out how much better they do things.

If we could just take off the uniforms and shields of protection and just hug each other and say
"Your a great mom no matter what you do" then I think our kids would benifit!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love comes in all forms!

Don't feel loved sometimes read this and realize that you are loved in so many little ways.

How our parents loved us:

1. We are still alive!
2. We don't wear diapers still (as we all know potty training is not easy it should be called potty survival)
3. They must have drove very carefully because we didn't wear seatbelts.
4. Our mom's always told us to change our underwear incase we were in an accident. (But really officer that happened AFTER I got hit, they were clean)
5. We were only punished because they loved us.
6. We had to always clean our plates because luckly we were not starving kids in another country.
7. Never let us go to school with holes in our jeans because we were not poor (even though it was cool)
8.Always reminded us how they walked 10 miles in the snow,barefoot UPHILL and didn't have cars or electricity (ok they did but then it wouldn't sound so bad)
9. Let us run away even though we couldn't cross the street and had to sit in the yard with our bags hoping they would beg us to come in.
10.They gave birth to us...drugs were not as good as they are now and had to actually had to wait 16 hours and hope to pass out.

How our husbands love us:

1. They married us, I mean they could of had anyone (if only they knew we felt bad for them,pity dating turned into pity marriage)
2. They wait till we are in bed or in the car to fart. They only want to share!
3. Tell us we are not fat we have a baby growing inside.
4. Don't go to bars and strip joints like ALL the other husbands do. (only cause we know how much money we have at all times)
5. Still give us a kiss and a hug even though we have not showered in a week,have braided leg hairs and smell like baby puke.
6. Take us out to dinner (but I think it is so we take a shower,shave and use perfume)
7. Tell us we are sexy even though they saw us give birth to a huge child and pooped ourselves.
8. Take the kids to the store to get mommy midol cause she is walking around yelling at people that are not there and digging through the closet looking for that chocolate Easter bunny from last year.
9. Still introduce us as their their friends.
10. Still come home after we have called them 30 times to tell them what HIS kids have done today!

Love from our kids:

1. Smile when they are newborns gas cannot be that funny YET!
2. Run to us from the bus stop saying "Mommy, mommy" even though we have no bra on, pajama's and big dirty slippers.
3. Finally out of diapers because we were trying to figure out where to get teenage size diapers.
4. Show us what they so proudly picked out of their nose.
5. Tell us we are the best mom's for making macaroni and hotdogs for the second time this week.
6. We are so vital to their lives that even the 30 seconds to go to the bathroom is way to long to be away from us.
7. Our kisses make the boo-boo's go away!
8. They have to brag about us to strangers in the store "my mom said a bad word to my dad because he didn't take out the trash...again!'
9. Draw pictures of us even though we some how are bigger then our house.
10. Give us kisses even when it isn't "cool".


My love of my glue gun

Some people believe that you have only one "soulmate" in your life and that you hope one day that you will find that person and live happily ever after. And if your really lucky enough you will find 2 "soulmates". One of course is my husband I met him in highschool and we were opposites that somehow completed each other. I was also lucky enough to have a husband that can accept my other love. No we are not swingers or have an open marriage. But my love is hot, sticks to me like glue and can not be left alone. Yep it is my Glue Gun. I have learned that almost anything can be fixed with this wonderful love of my life. It has sticks and they come in all sizes and some are hotter then others. I have been burnt many times in my life but I know it is not his fault I just get so excited that I can't wait till it has cooled some. Don't ever leave this love by itself because it can easily attach itself to another. Just like being married to my husband we don't go to bed arguing, don't go to bed with your glue gun when it is hot. It is very hard to explain to the doctors why you have glue gun stuck to your forhead. Friends have tried to convince me that a sewing machine works better for making curtians or pillows but who loves shots? But I like things bigger not a needle...prick. My glue gun has left a permenant mark on me and my life but my doctor says to keep putting the cream on it and it should get better. But I know it was a show of love I wear my wedding rings with pride and my cone shaped third degree burn with love. Love comes in all forms!