Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bears on Patrol when cops meet bears!

There are some things in life that just capture your heart and it sticks with you forever. And for me one of those things is seeing my father who is a cop through and through have a cute furry little teddy bear sitting next to him in his patrol car. Nope it wasn't a cute gimmick or something somone gave him along his journey of almost 30 years as a cop. He actually had a whole bag of bears of stuffed animals in his trunk. My father who has been shot at and dealt with some of them deadly people saw little kids suffering. Kids that were innocent even though they were put in very dangerous and scary situations. These little bears,big or small cute or ugly were given to the kids. They provided a physical reminder that hope and love are still around them. This simple bear maybe the first thing they were given or maybe the only thing they have after a fire has burned down their house. But it was given to them out of love knowing that no matter what they are a kid and as kids we need something to hold on to, talk to, and could be the only friend they have. Yep a simple bear made from stuffing,plastic eyes material and thread but turns into so many things when given to a child that may not have anything.

I was on a new site on facebook The Doodlkins Cartoon Family and saw one of their charities they support is Bears on Patrol or BOP's and this group does the same thing my dad did they give bears to police departments and firedepartments for them to give a Bear of Hope to children when they need it most. I really feel moved by this because I have seen the love in my dad's eyes knowing that his simple bears could help a child so much. So please if you get a chance go to this site or to their facebook page. Donate a few dollars or let people know that this is a way to give back to kids when they need a kind PAW the most!!!

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